To empower and serve the Nation through development of Space and Geo-spatial Technologies, its applications/solutions/services in accordance to governance principles for socio-economic welfare of the Society.


BISAG-N provides specialized services and solutions in implementing map-based Geographic Information Systems. BISAG-N undertakes all services for the entire process of implementing an enterprise level GIS system. These services include GIS database design and development, map creation/updation and finishing, data migration/conversion and format translation, software development and customization, systems integration and technical consulting. BISAG-N also provides complete GIS solutions, which bundle hardware and software with GIS systems development services.

BISAG-N provides a full complement of specialized services in implementing end-to-end Space and Geo-Spatial Technology based applications in the areas of Ground Control Survey, Digital Photogrammetry, Digital Terrain / Elevation Models and Contouring, Vector Data Capture, Digital Orthophotography and Ortho-mosaicing, Image Analysis and Interpretation for Thematic Mapping, Cadastral / Parcel Mapping, GIS Database Design and Development, Map Creation / Updation and Finishing, Data Migration/Conversion and Format Translation, Software Development and Customization, Geo database Modeling as well as high-end Domain & Geo-Spatial Technical Consulting and Support.

BISAG-N has strengthened its range of high-end Geo-Spatial services in large-scale mapping by using advanced Photogrammetry and D-GPS technologies to cover elevation modelling, surface modelling and true ortho-photo generation.

BISAG-N offers comprehensive GIS/PHOTOGRAMMETRIC solutions over large geographical areas. These include solutions and services in the areas of mapping, cartography, imaging, photogrammetry and utility / environment resource management. BISAG-N provides solutions based on Remote Sensing, using Multi-spectral data, for specific applications like agricultural crop monitoring, watershed management, forest fire mapping etc.

BISAG-N also offers leading-edge Mapping - GIS solutions for disaster management and specialized needs of Public Safety Additionally, a full complement of e-governance solutions is also offered, to address varying GIS and MIS needs of central and various State Governments.

Role of BISAG-N

The Institute works in close co-ordination with GoI Ministries and State Government departments/agencies and has thus emerged as a National level agency to use satellite communication and Space & Geo-spatial technologies for the planning and development activities in various sectors of the Government.

Satelite Communication:

To promote and facilitate the use of satelite broadcasting network for distant interactive training, education and extensions.

Remote Sensing Applications:

For inventory mapping, developmental planning and monitoring of natural and man-made resources.

Geo-informatics System:

To conceptualize, create and organize multi-purpose common digital database for sector and thematic applications for various user.


For creation of Digital Elevation Model, Terrain characteristics, Resource planning etc.

Global Navigation Satellite System and Land Survey:

For Location based services, Geo-referencing, Engineering Applications and Research.

Disaster Management:

To Prepare geo-spatial information to provide necessary inputs to Government to assess and mitigate damage in the event of disaster.

Software Development:

To provide low-cost Decision Support System, Geo-informatics applications (desktop as well as web based) to user for wider usage.

Technology Transfer:

To transfer technology to a large number of end users.

Value Added Services:

To provide tools which can be customized as per the needs of the users.

Education, Research and Training:

To provide education, research and training facilities to promote a number of end users through Academy for Geo-informatics.

  • To develop and integrate various technologies such as Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Photogrammetry, Cartography, GIS, GNSS, AI, Mobile app, Data bases, ERP, MIS, Web etc. in modular environment.
  • To Create and organize authenticated, compatible, standardized, large scale, Multipurpose Geo-spatial data bases in collaboration with Government Ministries, National/State organizations and agencies.
  • To design databases with horizontal and vertical linkages for efficient use in decision making, analysis and planning.
  • To develop and Institutionalize Geo-spatial applications/solutions as per the definition of the stake holders under their ownership.
  • To integrate Governance processes in an integrated technology based system to provide holistic solution as per regulations/guidelines etc.
  • To establish upgrade and maintained and operational TV broadcast and Satellite based communication as National facility for education, capacity building, empowerment, training, skill development etc.
  • To achieve excellence in emerging technologies such as AI, Big-data Analysis, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain etc. through advance Research & Development.
  • Capacity Building

    1. To support startups and entrepreneurs in Geo-spatial technologies.
    2. To establish a finishing school in advance Geo-spatial
    3. To support International community in development and application of Geo-spatial technologies through a Government approved programme.
  • To develop and promote the culture of a market to encourage and nurture industry oriented design and development.
  • To purchase, lease, hire, exchange or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property and the sell, lease, dispose off, exchange, invest and deal with bonds money, Securities and all kind of movable or immovable properties for all or any of the objectives for which the Society is established.
  • To levy and receive money in connection with the activities of the Society including grants/loans as and when received from Government or from other authorized sources.
  • All the income, earnings, movable, immovable properties of the Society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objective only as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits, or in any manner whatsoever to the present Members of the Society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present Members. No member of the Society shall have any personal claim on any movable or immovable properties of the Society or make any profit, whatsoever, by virtue of his membership.
  • The Society will be a non-profit making Society & any excess of income over expenditure would form a Corpus fund, which would be utilized in furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
  • To do all other such activities which are incidental/ancillary for achieving the above objectives of the Society.

Top Level Management

Administrative Structure of BISAG-N